Enhancing the world of apprenticeships (VET)

Made in Switzerland - to improve the world

Students, parents, companies, associations, initiatives and state institutions in terms of professional education – Yousty brings them all together so that apprenticeships can establish and develop all around the world.

In Switzerland, «the homeland» of apprenticeships, over 70% of applicants already apply via our systems. What has proven its worth here is what we now want to offer worldwide.

Urs Casty – Owner & CEO

«VET is the most hands on, fast and at the same time sustainable skills developer for industry 4.0. VET is improving skill and & innovation on a most sustainable basis.»

Switzerland – Example for success

  • Innovation lead country with only 3% youth unemployment
  • 2 of 3 teenagers starting VET/apprenticeships
  • 70% of youth finds their profession and company match with Yousty

Our Team