Enhancing the world of apprenticeships (VET)

Made in Switzerland - to improve the world

Promoting VET in the world.

Pure enthusiasm for professional education!

Mission & Motivation

Yousty supports young people at their very first career steps.
Who starts well develops even better, we are convinced.

For that reason we want to help students to find their own way into the professional world of work. Yousty has built up a universal platform and still develops useful tools and services to support at its best.

However, Yousty is not only about supporting students, we also work closely with companies and other stakeholders in terms of building a cohesive network for professional education.

Yousty has created one platform for all involved parties and wants to continually develop tools and services for them. Yousty is one universal platform to improve and promote professional education – in Switzerland, in the world!

One platform – one meetingpoint

The student takes responsibility for finding an apprenticeship, Yousty and its system supports them on every level. At the same time, other stakeholders, such as parents or teachers as well as companies or associations, can use the platform to connect and get in touch with the youth. The companies see VET as an investment. They invest in skilled workers. Skilled workers ensure innovation and sustainable success when combined with academic knowledge and good management practices.


The people at Yousty community are young, dynamic and full of energy and ideas. They are different. They are all unique, but foremost they are one – one team and one community! We know the youth. We understand their needs and desires and we can speak “their language”. We are completely convinced that VETs or apprenticeships are an outstanding way to start a career, not only in Switzerland but in the rest of the world too!