Enhancing the world of apprenticeships (VET)

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One platform – one meeting point

Supporting and guiding the youth to their careerpath

We at Yousty are convinced that young people will find their way careerwise. In order to achieve this, they will need support and guidance. With the appropriate tools, as a result, they will not see VET as a last chance alternative but as a real career path.

One platform – one meetingpoint

The student takes responsibility for finding an apprenticeship, Yousty and its system supports them on every level. At the same time, other stakeholders like parents or teachers can use the same website, the same place to support them, as well as companies or associations can use the platform to connect and get in touch with the youth. The companies see VET as an investment. They invest in skilled workers. Skilled workers ensure innovation and sustainable success when combined with academic knowledge and good management.

Services for students

Although Yousty is a platform for all stakeholders involved in professional education, the students are really at the core of what we do. Teenagers who care about their further path in life after compulsory school get all available information about opportunities and use the tools and resources which allow them to get an overview about VETs or other options but also in terms of finding a place for training. All services on Yousty are completely free for students!

This is a short overview about the services Yousty provides for students :

  • information, descriptions and tools that showcase different types of professions (VETs)
  • Listing all available places for trainings or pre-trainings available for students to familiarise themselves with
  • possibility to meet companies to gain comprehensive insight into vocational educational training
  • online information, advise and examples for applicants to learn from
  • option for online applications to companies directly on the platform

Services for companies

Yousty does not only want to support the youth in terms of their future career but also companies to find their apprentices. With our platform we give enterprises the option to show them and their professions directly to students with a modern and youth-friendly profile. This can contain descriptions and information about the company and formations, pictures and videos as well as interviews with apprentices or adverts. They can advertise their places for VETs and apprenticeships and possibilities to a pre-training to get to know the students. On top of that, they can use Yousty as a full-service platform to deal with applications.

This is a short overview of services Yousty provides to companies:

  • profiles to show company and apprenticeships directly to students – online
  • advertising of available apprenticeships and pre-trainings as well as information events
  • communication to students on several channels as social media and more
  • tools for application management and preselections
  • creating videos, pictures and content for appearance and communication
  • matching tools for suitability and tendency
  • technology for widgets, white label software and individual solutions

Other stakeholders

VETs and apprenticeships are not only a thing between a student (candidate) and a company. There are also other people and stakeholders involved such as parents, teachers or coaches. Yousty does not forget about them and therefore also provides services for them.

This is a short overview about the services Yousty provides to other stakeholders as teachers, coaches or parents:

  • a yearly, comprehensive brochure with lots of information and tips around career paths, choices, education system, VETs, applications and more. The brochure is available as print or online version.
  • tool for teachers or parents for managing their class/child during the process of career choice and finding their further path in professional education
  • Possibility for official photo shooting for classes for their applications on the occasion of exhibition concerning career or professional education


Universal platform for all involved – „the Swiss original“: www.yousty.ch


Yousty is convinced: what works in Switzerland can work in the whole world. We want to bring our ideas, tools and services to other countries to enable the same. Yousty wants to enhance and improve the world of professional education.

We therefore offer our platform in terms of technology, services and systems to you. Are you interested? Do you want to find out more about Yousty and their platform, system, services and technology? We are looking forward to getting in touch with you!