Enhancing the world of apprenticeships (VET)

Made in Switzerland - to improve the world

A cooperation with Yousty – reasons why

Switzerland – Example for success

In Switzerland, “the homeland” of apprenticeships, 70% of applicants already apply via our systems. The system has proved its worth. Why should it not work in other countries?

  • innovation lead country with only 3% youth unemployment
  • 2 of 3 teenagers starting VET/apprenticeships
  • 70% of youth find their profession and company match on Yousty

Advantages of Yousty

  • Yousty is a universal platform to support and connect all involved parties and stakeholders around professional education and VET
  • Yousty offers free services and tools for pupils which are up-to-date and youth-friendly to guide and support them during the whole process of career choice until their start into professional life
  • Yousty offers useful and innovative products and services for companies to simplify and improve their way in selecting and recruiting apprentices

Facts and Figures

  • Yousty AG – founded 2008 as a joint-stock company
  • 40 employees based in Zurich, Switzerland
  • 7’000 active companies
  • 4,3 million visits in 2020
  • 227’339 registered pupils
  • 246’700 direct applications in 2019
  • 100’000 Social-Media reach

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